Vote By Signature

Voting by signature lets you place votes across Uniswap Governance proposals, without having to send your transactions on-chain, saving fees.


Total Proposals

Recent Proposals

Deploy Uniswap V3 on Moonbeam (2023)

39Executed May 20, 2023

Create v3deployments.uniswap.eth subdomain and populate its text fields

38Executed May 9, 2023

Uniswap Deployments Accountability Committee

37Executed April 23, 2023

Uniswap v3 Gnosis

36Executed April 18, 2023

Uniswap v3 Gnosis

35Canceled April 7, 2023

Governance Proposal - Uniswap V3 Launch on zkEVM

34Executed April 16, 2023

Deploy Uniswap V3 on Avalanche

33Executed March 19, 2023

Enable 1bp Fee Tier for UniswapV3 on Arbitrum

32Executed February 18, 2023

Deploy Uniswap V3 on BNB Chain

31Executed February 12, 2023

Deploy Uniswap V3 to Boba Network

30Executed February 5, 2023

Public API

Integrate gas-less voting and delegation directly within your application, through our managed Public API.

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