Vote By Signature

Voting by signature lets you place votes across Uniswap Governance proposals, without having to send your transactions on-chain, saving fees.


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Recent Proposals

Deploy Uniswap V3 on Scroll

52Executed November 13, 2023

Complete initial funding of the Uniswap Foundation

51Executed October 20, 2023

Deploy Uniswap V3 on Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM)

50Executed October 8, 2023

Deploy Friendly Fork of Uniswap V3; ZERO Protocol on Polygon...

49Defeated September 26, 2023

Proposal summary

48Canceled September 18, 2023

Create a UNI-ARB Grant Program (UAGP) and Protocol Delegate Program

47Executed September 22, 2023

Declare canonical deployments of V2

46Canceled September 15, 2023

Fund Combined Liquidity Incentivization Program

45Executed September 2, 2023

Fund Combined Liquidity Incentivization Program

44Canceled August 23, 2023

Migrate the Celo Uniswap V3 Factory Contract owner from Optics...

43Executed August 31, 2023

Public API

Integrate gas-less voting and delegation directly within your application, through our managed Public API.

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